The Little Book of Minibeast Hotels

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The Little Book of Minibeast Hotels
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About The Little Book of Minibeast Hotels

Children have always have been fascinated by minibeasts. They are
intrigued by their behaviour and how they live. Insect hotels are home
made places that encourage insects to stay put. This unique book
supports the current thinking on Eco schools and adds a new spin to the
popular but over-used topic of mini beasts. It underpins much of the
current thinking on the importance and added value of enhancing the
outside environment for children in all settings. It also supports the
need to develop activities that relate to boys' needs.


“'With lovely photos and illustrations this easy to follow book provides step by step instructions on how to make cute little hotels for creepy crawlies. Great for any family who is interested in the environment and any budding little David Attenborough.'” –

Ann Roberts

Ann Roberts, is an experienced early years practitioner,writer,
adviser, trainer and she has been an early years ofsted inspector. She
has worked in schools as an early years teacher and in senior
management in schools,following this she has worked in private sector
in nurseries and in two large nursery chains as UK education manager.
She has worked as a consultant to the DCFS and in Local Education
Authorities Early Years departments.
Ann has written several early years publications for babies, toddlers
and early years children.

Writes: Little Books, Understanding the world,Characteristics of Effective Learning, Cross-curricular Teaching, Literacy

Author of : The Little Book of Minibeast Hotels, The Little Book of Discovery Bottles, The Little Book of Props for Writing, The Little Book of Treasure Baskets, The Little Book of Prop Boxes for Role Play

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