Unimat 1 Jigsaw : pre-built.

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Unimat 1 Jigsaw :  pre-built.
Product Description

The powerful jigsaw can be used with plywood, solid wood (up to 7 mm), balsa wood (20 mm), plastics and thin metal sheets. No annoying opening and clamping of the jigsaw blade when cutting windows and notches.

This machine is delivered assembled, tested, with a wooden base board (22x37cm) and 2 micro-clamps; incl. 12V/100-230V safety adaptor and necessary tools.

All machines are modular and convertible and can be extended with Unimat accessories.




Motor 20.000 rpm, 12 V DC
Headstock M12x1, 8 mm hole through spindle
Reduction 6:1 (3,333 rpm)
Adaptor 110-240V/50-60Hz,12V DC, 2A
HK$ 2,156.00