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Product Description

Smart, affordable high speed Wi-Fi one-press printing 3D printer for iPad, Android Tablets, Windows PC.

The X-MAKER 3D Printer, comes with the all-new Gamify 3D X-MAKER Design App and easy-to-use One-Press Printing, dramatically lowers the barriers of 3D Design & 3D Printing, to help kids and adults make their creativity touchable through 3D printer easier than ever.

The X-MAKER App comes with 1000+ 3D models in 6 catagories library:
Toys & Games, Creativity & Fun, Household, Education





A reliable, powerful and affordable desktop 3D Printer


Levelling Free

Flexible & Magnetic Baseplate

Excellent Print Quality

Heating Platform


3.5" Touch Screen

Power-Loss Recovery

Excellent Noise Control

Slicing Software


Name:   X-MAKER 3D printer Printer dimension:  360*370*370 mm
Model:  V4.0 Page Dimensions:   440*440*460 mm
Nozzle temp:  ≤265℃ Net weight:   10.9 kg
Bed temp: ≤110℃ Grossweight:  13.45 kg
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm Maximum build volume:  150*150*150 mm
Input:   AC power 200V~240V, 50/60Hz 1.6A Control panel:   3.5-inch touch screen
USB2.0 Output:  5V 0.5A Connectivity:  Wi-Fi / U disk
FCC ID:  2A35N-V04 File type: Xcode / Gcode
Compatible filaments: PLA/ABS Supplied software: X-MAKER App / X-PRINT
Language:   Chinese / English Supporting devices:   iPad, Android Tablets, Windows PC


Recommended max ambient temp: 35℃



Download the necessary from below:




Gamify 3D Design Gadgets - Make Creation Touchable

There are 15 Gamify 3D design 'mini-programs', all are super easy to DIY your digital creations

 Dowload the X-MAKER App/ software from here ,  supporting devices:  iPad, Android Tablets, Windows PC.




The X-MAKER Software comes with both Graphic & Modular Free 3D Design Apps:   Two free design software, Magic3D "digital building blocks" graphic module design and Art3D "digital clay" free sculpture modelling help you realize your creativity.

Dowload the X-MAKER software from here supporting devices:   iPad, Android Tablets, Windows PC 

Magic3D and Art3D only run on Windows PC  and Android Tablets.



腾讯課堂: #小程序://腾讯课堂/foFB45ylvcZh4Td--


腾讯課堂: #小程序://腾讯课堂/foFB45ylvcZh4Td--


X-MAKER 3D printer Set-up Quick Guide:



X-MAKER 3D Printer and X-MAKER App User Manual:



X-PRINT User Manual




Create physical models with X-MAKER 3D printer and App
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