Vacuum Gripper Robot

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Vacuum Gripper Robot
Product Description

3-axis robot with vacuum gripper works quickly and precisely, positioning workpieces in three-dimensional space.


2-minute overview


Working range: x-axis 270°, y-axis (forwards/back) 140 mm, z-axis (up/down) 120 mm. Incl. 3x encoder motors, 3x push buttons (limit switch), vacuum suction device, compressor, solenoid valve.

Model packed in a robust box.    Size:  440x200x330mm.  Weight (g):  3100 for 9V, 2800 for 24V

Required for 536625 (9V): Power Supply Item No. 505287 (9V/220V) / 122952 (9V/120V).



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HK$ 9,677.00


9V included controller, software and power