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Build Vocabulary and Grammar Skills with scaffolded lessons for English Learners.  

BrainPOP ELL is a comprehensive English language learning program for students of all ages. It is comprised of short, animated movies as well as games, quizzes, and interactive features. It encompasses the four main language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The movies feature the characters Moby and Ben, who model conversational English while seamlessly presenting the target vocabulary, language, and content.   

The BrainPOP ELL lesson, in details

Each lesson includes:

BrainPOP ELL Movies   
(main movie, vocabulary movie and a grammar movie)
Lesson Ideas
Word Play
Play It and  Practice


BrainPOP ELL is organized into three proficiency levels, progressing from beginner to advanced in all areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Each level contains six units that build upon each other, and each unit contains five lessons. That’s a total of 90 lessons!

The BrainPOP ELL Placement Test uses listening and reading tasks to assess students’ English language proficiency and to identify the starting level and unit for students beginning the BrainPOP ELL program.

The BrainPOP ELL Placement Test Guide

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Check this useful detailed walkthrough video of BrainPOP ELL:

 BrainPOP ELL topics mapping against the Hong Kong curriculum:

1.   Search the mapping database BrainPOP ELL Quick Search  2 Click the following mapping guide eBook, same content as the above searching database:

3 Levels, 30 units, 90 topics:

Level 1

Unit One:  Pronouns & Be

  1. Pronouns and Be (Free! No login required)
  2. Be (Negative)
  3. Be (Questions)
  4. Adjectives and Prepositions
  5. Commands

Unit Two:  Present Progressive

  1. Present Progressive
  2. Present Progressive (Negative)
  3. Present Progressive (Question)
  4. Stative Verbs 
  5. Review: Present Progressive

Unit Three:  Nouns & Articles

  1. Definite and Indefinite Articles
  2. Adjectives and Nouns
  3. There is / There are
  4. Count / Non-count Nouns
  5. Review: Nouns and Articles

Unit Four: Present Simple

  1. Present Simple (Free! No login required)
  2. Present Simple (Negative)
  3. Present Simple (Questions)
  4. Have / Has
  5. Review: Present Simple

Unit Five:  Past Simple Be

  1. Possessives
  2. Tag Questions (Free! No login required)
  3. Past Simple Be
  4. Past Simple Be (Questions)
  5. Review: Past Simple Be

Unit Six:  Past Simple

  1. Past Simple (Regular Verbs)
  2. Past Simple (Irregular Verbs)
  3. Past Simple (Negative)
  4. Past Simple (Questions)
  5. Review: Past Simple

Level 2

Unit One:  More Pronouns

  1. Phrasal Verbs (Free! No login required)
  2. This / That / These / Those
  3. Object Pronouns
  4. Reflexives and Can
  5. Review: Reflexive and Object Pronouns

Unit Two: Future & Modals

  1. Going to/Possessive Pronouns
  2. Future: Will
  3. The Modal "Can"
  4. The Modal "Have to"
  5. Review: Future and Modals 

Unit Three: Adverbs

  1. Present Prog. (Future Intent)
  2. Must / Mustn't
  3. Adverbs
  4. More Adverbs
  5. Review: Adverbs / Present Progressive (Future Intent)

Unit Four: Past & Modals

  1. Past Progressive: Interrupted Action (Free! No login required)
  2. Past Progressive: Parallel Actions
  3. May/Might, (Be) Supposed to (Free! No login required)
  4. Should/Ought to/Had better
  5. Review: Past Progressive and Modals

Unit Five:  More Adjectives

  1. Comparatives
  2. Superlatives
  3. Adjectives ending in -ed/-ing (Free! No login required)
  4. Word Order
  5. Review: Comparatives and Superlatives

    Unit Six:  Tense Review

    1. Review of the Present Tense
    2. Review of the Past Tense
    3. Review the Future Tense
    4. Review of the Modals 
    5. Review: Tenses / Modals


      Level 3  

      Unit One: Passive voice

      1. Passive: Present Simple  (Free! No login required)
      2. Passive: Past Simple
      3. Passive: Future and Modals
      4. Passive: Progressives
      5. Review: Passive

      Unit Two:  Affixes

      1. Conjunctions
      2. Negative Prefixes
      3. Prefixes
      4. Suffixes
      5. Review: Affixes and Conjunctions

      Unit Three: Perfect Tenses

      1. Present Perfect
      2. Past Simple/Present Perfect
      3. Present Perfect Progressive
      4. Past Perfect
      5. Review: Perfect Tenses

      Unit Four: Gerunds & Infinitives

      1. Gerunds (Free! No login required)
      2. Prepositions and Gerunds  (Free! No login required)
      3. Infinitives (Free! No login required)
      4. Gerunds and Infinitives
      5. Review: Gerunds, Infinitives

      Unit Five: Conditionals

      1. First Conditional and Time Clauses 
      2. Second Conditional
      3. Third Conditional
      4. Wish and Hope
      5. Review: Conditionals

      Level Six:  Reported Speech

      1. Relative Pronouns and Used To
      2. Reported Speech Statements
      3. Reported Speech Questions
      4. Idioms (Free! No login required)
      5. Review: Unit 6

      These one-week pacing guides are perfect for starting the student journey through BrainPOP ELL. Each pacing guide aligns with the entry point determined by a student’s performance on the Placement Test.

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