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Product Description

Building background knowledge and literacy skills in younger students in kindergarten through primary 3.

Each curricular topic includes an animated movie, learning games, concept mapping, and interactive features that help extend key concepts and meet the needs of students with different learning styles.  Text is read aloud to facilitate comprehension. 

Subjects and number of topics covered:  

  1. Arts and Music  15+ 
  2. Body and Health  40+
  3. Computing / Technology 10+
  1. English 70+
  2. Maths 70+
  3. Primary Science 65+ 
  4. Social Studies 45+  


Sample BrainPOP Jr. movie

Teach through storytelling  

Beloved and relatable characters introduce and build students' background knowledge in a way that's inviting and easy to access.


Age-appropriate learning activities

BrainPOP Jr. blends hands-on tasks with digital learning activities to deepen and extend comprehension.


Cultivate early literacy skills

BrainPOP Jr. supports emerging readers and writers with visual and audio support across all topics:

  • Animation and graphics
  • Mouse-over audio
  • Built in Microsoft Immersive Reader 



A BrainPOP Jr. Topic:


BrainPOP Jr. features the following in each topic:

  1. BrainPOP Jr.  Movies
  2. BrainPOP Jr.  Quizzes
  3. Lesson Ideas
  4. BrainPOP Jr. Games
  1. Word Play 
  2. Talk About It
  3. Draw About It
  4. Write About It
  1. Make-A-Map (Mindmap)
  2. Creative Coding  
  3. Activity
  4. Pop a Joke
  5. Belly Up

Each BrainPOP Jr has auto pause point, to display key discussion of the topic in the form of a notebook, Find out from there:



Start with Creating a Student Account!




Creating Student Accounts:

The BrainPOP Assignment Builder




The Best Lesson You’ll Ever Teach is Tomorrow’s
with BrainPOP’s New Insights Reports 


Imagine entering your classroom tomorrow with multiple data points about your students’ recent performance. You’d know exactly how to adapt your lesson to deepen their understanding!

When you log in to BrainPOP’s Insights Reports, you gain a detailed understanding of each student’s real-time progress and performance, ensuring that each lesson is thoughtfully designed to meet your students exactly where they are in their learning journey.




Assignment Summary Overview

Identify Skill Gaps: Quickly identify individual skill gaps so you know which students to check in with during independent work time to meet them exactly where they are. 

Monitor Student Engagement: Solve the problem of work completed too quickly, or assignments missed altogether, and work to ensure active participation.

Reinforce Content Knowledge: Identify areas where students lack context, and individualize instruction by assigning relevant BrainPOP lessons.


Assignment Assessment Report

Complete Error Analysis: The bar graph in this report lets you visualize students’ answer choices so that you can pinpoint exactly what they misunderstand.

Understand Student Thinking: Question details offer insights into students’ thought processes and common misconceptions so that you can adapt more effectively.

Navigate Multiple Data Points: Streamline your review with the question navigation feature, which lets you navigate across questions that address the same standard. 


Individual Student Literacy Report

Utilize Current Levels: Differentiate reading assignments confidently by understanding which students may need additional support or new challenges.

Reinforce Literacy Skills: This report makes prioritizing literacy simple. Find which skills students struggle with to know what to incorporate into your instruction.

Work with Colleagues: No one teacher can be responsible for literacy outcomes. Identify trends across student groups, and divide and conquer interventions.  

Sample Pacing Guides (Lesson plan) across subjects   

These guides reflect the BrainPOP suggested frame:   build knowledge, apply and assess, and depend and extend.


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