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Quizizz is assessment, instruction, and practice that motivate every student to mastery. 

Over 15 question types - Read full details and set up

Multiple Choice
Fill in the Blank
Reorder (paid plan)
Match (paid plan)
Drag and Drop (paid plan)
Drop Down (paid plan)  


Maths Response (paid plan)
Labelling (paid plan)
Hotspot (paid plan)
Graphing (paid plan)
Catagorize (paid plan)

Higher-order thinking
Open Ended
Video  & Audio Response (paid plan)



  • Quizizz comes with instantly customizable content (including enhance by AI) 
  • Save hours every week and find content for any topic with > 30M+ activities.
  • Make it stick with motivating assessment and practice, with real-time reports
  • Quizizz Focuses on Mastery and Learning, over Speed, because everyone moves at their own pace 


Create Questions or lessons

Launch in Live or Assigned mode


Quizizz AI

 Only available on paid plan 

AI in Education: Enhancing Learning and Leadership with Quizizz AI, Read more!



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What is Quizizz?
Download this presentation for sharing with your teaching panels


What's new? and legacy features highlight, check the link to Google Slide:




With 50 million educators and students using Quizizz worldwide, we understand how important it is to found our platform on the learning science :


1. Gamification
Our points system, power-ups, redemption questions, avatars, artistic themes, music, and more help maintain student focus and active involvement 

"The implementation of online interactive games such as Quizizz can be seen as an exhilarating, creative, and impactful means of shifting from the conventional way of imparting knowledge, especially to millennials"


2. Spaced Repetition
Students engaging with Quizizz receive our much-loved redemption questions in real-time, as well as our motivating retakes for mastery.

Teachers can duplicate question types, shuffle the order, analyze data to modify instruction and reteach misconceptions, as well as reassign your old Quizzes and Lessons. 


3. Adaptive Learning
Quizizz also addresses adaptive learning by offering self-paced options so students can complete the quiz on individual time frames. 



Also try these conventional, and familiar modes, interactively!


1. Launch live session in Paper Mode without a device, Read more.

Paper Mode is a Quizizz game mode that supports blended learning and classrooms without 1:1 personal devices for students.

All you need is one mobile phone, the Quizizz app, and a printer to print personalized QR codes for students.

Project the quiz questions on your computer, and scan student responses using the Quizizz mobile app.


2.  Share quizizz as customizable printable worksheets.  Read more

You can print a quiz and lesson by clicking the "Print" button on every quiz and lesson once ready.

3.  Revision in Flashcards Mode  Read more

Students can find the flashcard button once they complete the quiz hosted by their teacher.

4.  Skip questions and attempt later.  Read more

You can now allow students to skip questions and return to them at the end of the quiz. Skip Questions enables students to attempt quizzes strategically, reducing test-taking anxiety. Students can answer the questions they feel confident about first, and then tackle the ones they find challenging.



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12 months, based on the number of enrolled students
HK$ 16,000.00

400 enrolled students