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Epic is the world's largest digital library for kids, and enjoys incredible love from kids, teachers & parents alike from several markets across the globe. https://www.getepic.com/ 

Epic School Plus:   a school subscription that offers students and teachers 24/7 access to over 40,000 books. With Read-To-Me books, audiobooks, educational videos & interactive features, we make reading and learning fun for every kid.  https://www.getepic.com/schoolplus  


If you like Epic School mentioned on this video, you will find the new Epic School Plus school subscription even more beneficial to all your learners, everyday, anytime, anywhere, on all devices!



Bring lessons to life with easy assigning and sharing. 
Use Epic for read-alouds, literacy centers, research projects and creating custom collections


Supercharge daily reading 
Easy-to-use tools to set up, assign books and track reading progress.


Epic offers personalized recommendations to your student and refines recommendations the more your student reads. Imagine having a virtual library perfectly tailored to your child's reading level and interests available at your fingertips!

With Epic, your student can instantly access any book they'd like to read, and the best part is, there is no "checking out" and no unplanned late fees!  



Popular and Award-Winning titles
Read and watch as much as you want

Endless Variety
Our library includes over 40,000 picture books, early readers, chapter books, nonfiction, graphic novels, and learning videos 

Read-to-Me Audio Books
11,000+ Read-to-Me and Audio books included

Learning Videos
Educational and entertaining, about math, science, DIY, yoga, LEGO construction, and more

Growing Library
New books and videos added weekly - now including more than 3,000 books in Spanish, French and Chinese



Detailed walkthrough on how to set up class, assign reading and more

Link to the editable google slide



Download this flyer for sharing with your school management. 



Sign up a free Epic School (teacher account) to explore all contents


English and Language Arts 


Science and Arts


Social and Emotional Learning


Social Studies







Sign up a free Epic School (teacher account) to explore all contents




visit the Epic help site https://getepic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


How can Educators hide (and unhide) content from their students?

If you find some books not quite appropriate to your learners, you can hide them by choosing an option inside the book. Read more

This option is only available to educators at this time and available on web only at this time.



12 months subscription, Cost per student for
HK$ 96.00

100-500 students