3-minute intro to the Ecostyle Wind Turbine Kit

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    1-minute datalogging with the Vu Power House

    See full range of scienitfic investigation datalogging sets
      (above) Combined solution :   fischertechnik green energy STEM kit/science model kit, BBC micro:bit, Data Harvest Vu+ datalogger plus Vu voltage sensor.

      Alternative Energy and Environment

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      Green Energy (included hydrogen fuel cell kit)

      Renewable Energy Kit


      19 models.  “Renewable energy sources“ will become our...

      HK$ 2,016.00
      Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kit

      Renewable Energy Kit


      How does a fuel cell work? How can...

      HK$ 832.00
      Solar: Beginner

      Renewable Energy Kit


      4 models.  Generation and use of electrical power...

      HK$ 720.00