Express yourself electrically

Paint Your Circuits With Ink - A New Revolution In Electronics

Bare Conductive’s electrically conductive paint and sensor hardware are changing the way that individuals and businesses incorporate electronics and intelligence into the built environment.

The company was founded and is led by four graduates of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.

Visit the official web site for more inspirations.

Application note  of Electric Paint

18-minute Not Just Electric Paint - Bare Conductive

8-minute Paint Your Circuits With Ink - A New Revolution In Electronics:
Matt Johnson at TEDxGateway

1-minute on Electric Paint 50ML

3- minute on Portrait of an Inventor - Matt Johnson, founder of Bare Conductive

22-second on Electric Paint 10ML

2-minute Ink Hack! 

2-minute Artist Bob and Roberta Smith talks to Bare Conductive

Interactive Wall Kit (New!)

6-minute on Programming Expression - an expressive musical instrument

Bare Conductive

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A5 Printed Sensors Set of 3

Conductive Paint Sensor


Use paper as a sensor. See tutorial here for use...

HK$ 120.00