Coding with BeeBot and BlueBot

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Press It, Switch It, Turn It, Move it!

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

This book supports the delivery of early ICT...

HK$ 199.00
Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Bee-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 514.00
Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 719.00
Blue-Bot Programmable TacTile Reader

Bluetooth coding tile and reader


A unique and extremely fun way to program...

HK$ 857.00
Blue-Bot TacTile Reader Tiles Extension Pack

Bluetooth coding tile


Create algorithms with these fantastic tiles. Repeats and...

HK$ 345.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Transparent Pocket Mat

Floor Mat


90 cm x 60 cm. Personalise your own...

HK$ 249.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Transparent Grid Mat

Floor Mat


60 cm x 60 cm. This clear 4...

HK$ 154.00
Maths Activity Cards

Teacher's Guide


A set of 30 Maths related activity cards...

HK$ 308.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot® Number Line Mat

Floor Mat


Exciting way to incorporate ICT and number line...

HK$ 223.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Shapes, Colour and Size Mat

Floor Mat


60 cm x 60 cm.  A fantastic resource...

HK$ 212.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot 3D Shapes Mat

Floor Mat


75cm x 75cm .  An exciting resource for...

HK$ 243.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Alphabet Mat

Floor Mat


75 cm x 90 cm.  An excellent way...

HK$ 212.00
Fairytale Mat

Floor Mat


150 cm x 45 cm.  An enchanting way...

HK$ 212.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Treasure Island Mat

Floor Mat


75 cm x 75 cm.  Explore the island...

HK$ 212.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Farmyard Mat

Floor Mat


75 cm x 75 cm. Program Bee-Bot and...

HK$ 212.00