Thank you for visiting the ETC booth (L33) @ the Learning and Teaching Expo (LTE) 2018,

Hall 3BCD, New Wing,  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai.     12- 14 December 2018  (Wed - Fri) 


The newest, very top quality products from around the world

  • we have representatives from SAM Labs (UK), Seppo (Finland), The CoolTools (Austria) and Robo Wunderkind (Austria) on our booth during LTE, do come and meet them!
  • There are lots of award winning, world renowned products on display at our stand, across different subject areas and year groups.     
    • Kindergarten (also suitable for SEN and the elderlies)
    • Phonics and Language
    • Coding /STEM/STEAM
    • Useful digital tools for all subjects
    • Classroom and Makerspace storage

AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme 5.0 and 6.0


ETC products at LTE 2018

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Baby & Beyond: Construction

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

This book gives ideas for introducing and extending...

HK$ 70.00
Baby & Beyond: Role Play

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

About Role Play Early role play helps with...

HK$ 70.00
Curious Learners in Primary Maths, Science, Computing and DT (STEM)

Teacher's Book


  Whether it is in the British National...

HK$ 260.00
Learning Stack

Educational Wooden Toys


The slanted stacker combines playing and building and...

HK$ 1,234.00

Educational Wooden Toys


A colourful, fun insert and construct game for...

HK$ 432.00
Family Jubiduin a wooden box
Family Jubiduin a wooden box

Educational Wooden Toys


description How to Play / Promotion: Funny and original family...

HK$ 1,869.00

Educational Toys


This game does not only train the memory....

HK$ 228.00

Educational Wooden Toys


Cubicolor is an attractive new colour version of...

HK$ 849.00
Mini Shadow Outline

Educational Wooden Toys


Mini version of the original Shadow Outline ! The...

HK$ 665.00

Educational Wooden Toys


For 4 years and older, this is a...

HK$ 443.00
Dusybaju / Dusypiku



Gameplay / promotion: In addition to the mathematical, strategic...

HK$ 798.00
Electro Machines Kit

Conductive dough

Kids create whirring robots and zooming race cars...

HK$ 410.00
Techno Sounds Kit

Conductive dough

Kids create plonky pianos and buzzing snakes while...

HK$ 410.00
Bright Creatures Kit

Conductive dough

Kids create fire-breathing dough dragons and penguins with...

HK$ 410.00
Computational thinking and Coding for Every Student:  The Teacher’s Getting-Started Guide.
Computational thinking and Coding for Every Student: The Teacher’s Getting-Started Guide.

Teacher's Book

Empower tomorrow’s tech innovators Authors Jane Krauss - University...

HK$ 185.00
Press It, Switch It, Turn It, Move it!

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

This book supports the delivery of early ICT...

HK$ 266.00
Rechargeable Remote Control Easi-Cars® 4pk

Remote control car


A fantastic set of four rechargeable remote control...

HK$ 1,470.00
Bee-Bot@ Floor Robot

Programmable Floor Robot


Award winning programmable floor robot, the Bee-Bot® has a simple...

HK$ 640.00
Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot

Programmable Floor Robot

Blue-Bot™ helps you code, debug and simulate algorithms...

HK$ 830.00
Blue-Bot Programmable Tactile Reader

Programmable Floor Robot

A unique and extremely fun way to program...

HK$ 946.00
Blue-Bot TacTile Reader Tiles Extension Pack

Programmable Floor Robot

Create algorithms with these fantastic tiles. Repeats and...

HK$ 357.00
Bee-Bot/ Blue-Bot clip on shell

Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot accessory

Use these plastic clip-on shells to change the...

HK$ 96.00
Bee-Bot (Blue-Bot) Lesson Activities 1

Software CD-Rom

Focus on Bee-Bot: Lesson Activities  is a cross-curricular...

HK$ 311.00
Bee-Bot (Blue-Bot) the Mathematician


Dig out your beloved Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot and give him...

HK$ 336.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Transparent Pocket Mat

Floor Mat


Personalise your own Bee-Bot/ Blue-Bot mat by inserting...

HK$ 368.00
Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot Transparent Grid Mat

Floor Mat


This clear 4 x 4 grid can be...

HK$ 318.00

Programmable Floor Robot

Pro-Bot is a floor robot which can be...

HK$ 1,497.00
OSMO Genius Kit

iPad kits

OSMO - play beyond the screen Osmo is...

HK$ 798.00
OSMO coding (Awbie)

iPad kits

Coding is a modern superpower Coding teaches logic...

HK$ 398.00
OSMO Coding Jam

iPad kits

The coolest way to code: Create music and...

HK$ 498.00
Robo WunderKind Education Kit
Robo WunderKind Education Kit

modular programmable robotics kit

Unlock the new levels of playing and learning...

HK$ 1,992.00
Advanced upgrade kit
Advanced upgrade kit

modular programmable robotics kit

  Upgrade your existing Starter Kit  or Education...

HK$ 1,192.00