fischertechnik STEM 2 kit for the BBC micro:bit & AI 智能家居/ 社區/ 遊樂場

Model Pack with sensor/input/output



Product Description


12 models, 200+ parts.  

Introduce students to the world of STEM based upon examples found in everyday automated and robotic devices.

See full online guide with micro:bit coding samples for all 12 models here.

See micro:bit coding with input and output guides here.

  1.  Merry-go-round  旋轉木馬
  2. Pedestrian light  行人過路燈
  3. Lighthouse with blinking light 燈塔 
  4. Refrigerator 智能雪櫃門 
  5. Washing machine 洗衣機
  6. Sliding door   自動門
  1. Staircase lighting 梯間照明燈 
  2. Windshield wiper  擋風玻璃水撥 
  3. Hand dryer 乾手機
  4. Barrier 自動電閘 
  5. Motor test bench  馬達測試台 
  6. Press with safety switch  安全打壓機

parts and models list


This is a specially discounted package - delivered in a clear plastic bag.  


Each pack comes with the bonus fischertechik storage base (box 250 x 186



I/O board for micro:bit 

micro:bit pins extension board, designed specially to take advantage of  fischertechnik's unique,  flexible red and green round plug cable connections. By design, the I/O board rubber legs slot into the fischertechnik black base-plate grid securely.





Connector No. Description
Outputs 8

8 x light/LED

4 x DC motor

- 600mA per output
- 6 - 9 V
    Inputs 6

    5 x analog/ digital

    1 x digital

    - signal up to 5V


    I2C 1 1 x connector (SCL, SDA)
    5V 1

    1 x sensor power supply connection

    (6-9V power supply)

    3.3 V 1 1 x sensor power supply connection
    Battery 1 1 x battery (6 - 9 V) min 4.5 V
    Power Supply 1 1 x universal power adaptor ( 6 - 9 V) min 4.5 v



    • All model parts can be reused and recycled for other projects and student's creative pieces.    fischertechnik is made in Germany with quality and precision.
    • No soldering.  Ideal for all ages, promote problem solving, changes on the fly as debugging and adjustment can be done instantly.    All works can be done to perfection as even the smallest adjustment can be accommodated, thanks to the complete range of mechanical/structural and electronic blocks offered by fischertechnik.


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