HP Otto Robot - Builder Kit




Product Description


Otto is the first member of HP Robots family, 

A small modular robot that you can build and program not one, but multiple robots with sensors through expansion kits.

Get started with the basics of electronics, engineering and coding and extend functionality and learning experiences by customizing the robot through 3D design and expansions.




Teacher-developed STEM + A resources including everything a teacher could need to run a technology class. No prior knowledge is required!

For students over 8 years, used at school lessons or supervised at home. For students 14+ no supervision is required.



Technical Features

  • Powerful custom-made circuit board with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • USB-C port for both programming and charging 
  • Integrated buzzer, switch, booster, and battery level indicator.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Tailor made continuous rotation servo motors with metal gearbox.
  • Fast and easy to plug connectors.
  •  Programmable colorful RGB LED lights on the head and eyes.

Sensors and functions

  • Two line tracking sensors with both analog and digital output, a printed map is included in the box.
  • Obstacle avoidance thanks to the ultrasonic sensor.



Programmable with our own  webcode ecosystem that runs in directly in the browser for all OS without any installation. Graphical coding with beginner blocks mode like in Scratch Jr, live coding, text preview in Python language, and also a direct editor.


Visit this link: https://hprobots.com/otto-robot/code/


HK$ 1,439.00