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  1. Nearpod Overview 

Create and Teach

  1. Nearpod Add Content 
  2. Nearpod Add Activities
  3. Nearpod Live Lesson
  4. Nearpod Student-paced Lesson

Share and Reports 

  1. Nearpod Library - Share and Organize 
  2. Nearpod Report and Analytics 
  3. Nearpod and Google Integration 

Users and LMS

  1. Nearpod Manage Users (Add Teachers)
  2. Nearpod for Substitute Teachers
  3. Nearpod Through LMS 

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Nearpod VR Lessons
Creating Your Own Virtual Reality for Nearpod lessons


Nearpod has a full collection of standards-aligned VR Lessons already created. The VR feature allows you to choose from over 300,000 virtual reality experiences. However, there may be times when you want to take your students on a trip to the community playground, a part of the local street, or to the neighborhood grocery store.  Watch this video! 



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Nearpod Premimum Plus School Edition

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Nearpod EL (English Learners)
Nearpod EL (English Learners)

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