British Letters and Sounds Phonics Teaching Curriculum guide (208 pages), covering Phase 1 to Phase 6:

Phase 1 phonics - see page 2 to page 45


Phase 1 (Pre-Phonics)

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Parent's Survival Guide to Phonics and Spelling

Parent's Guide

UBHelp your child through the phonics maze! A...

HK$ 109.00
Fix-it Phonics - Starter Level - Student Pack

Activity Book


The pack comprises of the 2 Starter Activity...

HK$ 225.00
Fix-it Phonics Starter level - Teacher’s Booklet with CDs

Teacher's Book + audio CD


The Fix-it Phonics Starter Level : Teacher’s Booklet with...

HK$ 420.00
Fix-it Phonics Starter level - Resource Pack

Activity Resources


Resource Pack containing board games, flashcards and activities...

HK$ 240.00
Fix-it Phonics Starter level - Software

Software CD-Rom/ Download


The software is designed to accompany the Activity...

HK$ 240.00
Singing Phonics Book 1

Teacher's Guide + Songs CD

Songs and chants for teaching phonics Singing Phonics...

HK$ 280.00