Learn to Code with Micro:bit Course Kit - Classroom size

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Product Description

30 blocks, designed for 30 students. micro:bit Lessons Plans + wireless SAM Blocks.

Use the SAM blocks, Micro:bit and the SAM Blockly app to build classroom projects and complete lesson plans to teach KS2-KS3 computing (aligned to the British National Curriculum in Computing and CAS Computing Progression Pathway).


See step guide here for how Sam Labs works wirelessly with micro:bit


Our Learn to Code Course is a suite of standards-aligned Lesson Packs, Starter Lessons, Standards Alignment maps and Grade overviews to support your planning.


Each lesson follows Sam on a mission through Cyberspace, providing students with the opportunity to learn Computer Science concepts, code a program, reflect on and debug it.

Covering Grades 4–8, our Learn to Code Course is designed to cater for teachers of all levels of coding experience, increase student engagement, decrease teacher workload and build confidence.

From using selection to code a program that detects danger, to using compound conditionals to play a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', our lessons guide students through increasing programming complexity.


Starter Lessons
4 lessons

1. Sam and Cyberspace
2. Google Workbench
3. SAM Labs
4. micro:bit

Age 9-10
10 lessons

1. Into Cyberspace
2. Sensing Danger
3. Choose the Bright Path
4. Danger Detected (Free!)
5. Error Detected
6. Countdown
7. Password Protect
8. Hidden Code 
9. Test the Range
10. Threat Attack

Age 10 -11 
10 lessons

1. Unmasked 
2. Find the Minion
3. Stop the Minion (Free!)
4. System Check
5. Can I use it?
6. Flare Alert
7. Back It Up
8. Packet Delivery
9. Adaptability
10. Communications

Age 11-12 
10 lessons

1. Go with the Flow
2. Secret Movement
3. Secret Melody
4. Containing M.A.S
5. Logical Next Steps
6. Is It Fake?
7. Stay Connected (Free!)
8. Follow The Rules 
9. Trust Your Senses
10. It's all 0's and 1's

Age 12-13
10 lessons 

1. 2 Test or not 2 Test
2. Roll of the Dice
3. Keep it Safe
4. Convert to Move
5. Rock, Paper, Scissors
6. Too Many 2 Count
7. 20 Questions
8. In Disguise (Free!)
9. Transmit Directions
10. Inner Workings 

Age 13-14
10 lessons

1. No Place to Hide
2. Phishing Expedition
3. Time Loop
4. Double Check
5. Hidden Number
6. Encrypt and Decrypt
7. Pixels  (+Google Sheet) Free!
8. Search and Locate (+Google Sheet)
9. Sorted
10. Catch and Destroy

Note: Blockly app is supported on Chromebooks, Macs and selected Windows devices equipped with latest Chrome browsers.





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