Scientific investigation - evidence

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Crime Scene Investigations: Real-Life Science Activities for the Elementary Grades

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Turn your elementary students into super sleuths with...

HK$ 240.00
Crime Scene Investigations: Real-Life Science Labs for Grade 6 - 12

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

This unique resource offers activities in earth, life,...

HK$ 240.00
Forensics Fingerprint Lab

Experiment Kit

Become a science sleuth! Become a science sleuth...

HK$ 285.00
Easi-Scope Wireless primary digital microscope

Digital Microscope

Easi-Scope just went Wireless! Unveiling a pioneering extension to...

HK$ 1,039.00
Smartscope iGO

Mobile Device Microscope

Microscope designed for mobile devices Up to 200x...

HK$ 3,490.00
iGO Gooseneck stand

Microscope stand

Compatible with SmartMicroScope iGO.        SmartMicroScope...

HK$ 1,050.00
SmartMicroScope Metal Stand

Microscope stand

  Metal stand for SmartMicroScope iGO and 5M, ...

HK$ 390.00
SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set

Microscope accessories

  SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set for easy fixed...

HK$ 490.00
SmartMicroScope Cradle

Microscope accessories

  SmartMicroScope Cradle for easy fixed magnfication of...

HK$ 490.00
SmartMicroScope 5M

Digital Microscope

Magnification:  10x to 200x .  Takes 5 Megapixel...

HK$ 2,490.00
Gooseneck stand for SmartScope 5M

Microscope stand

Compatible with SmartMicroScope 5M.  (NOT for use with...

HK$ 790.00
WiFi Station for SmartMicroscope 5M

Wifi Station for microscope

The WiFi Station allows you to connect the...

HK$ 1,850.00