STEM for classroom teaching

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Inventa Workshop Resources

Teacher's Photocopy Master

An 8-workshop STEM course material.   These photocopiable...

HK$ 480.00
Inventa Technique Sheets

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Fully illustrated sheets on design-and-make using Inventa (now the...

HK$ 150.00
Inventa Book of Mechanism


An enjoyable book. Illustrated in full colour, everything...

HK$ 150.00
Inventa Book of Structures


An enjoyable book. Everything you need to know...

HK$ 150.00
Valiant Vice

Vice for wood/plastic cutting

A unique tool especially for design and make...

HK$ 358.00
Pistol Grip Drill

Maker's Tools


Children find this hand drill easier to use...

HK$ 123.00
Paper Drill with 3 cutters

Maker's Tools


For making holes in card or corrugated plastic...

HK$ 302.00
Metal Safety Rulers 30cm, pack of 10 units

Maker's Tools


We have now modified this ruler so the...

HK$ 392.00
Unimat 1 Classic (6 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


The lab for technical crafting and introduction to...

HK$ 5,250.00
Focus on Mechanism

Software CD-Rom

 Ideal for KS3 and GCSE Design Technology, each...

HK$ 419.00
Focus on Mechanical Toys

Software CD-Rom

Mechanical Toys Design Technology software supports the teaching...

HK$ 419.00
Bee-Bot® Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Bee-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 514.00
Maths Activity Cards

Teacher's Guide


A set of 30 Maths related activity cards...

HK$ 308.00
Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot


The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect...

HK$ 719.00
V-Log8 USB+ Bluetooth



A low cost 8 channel remote data logger with 4...

HK$ 3,285.00
SmartMicroscope iGo2

iPad Microscope

Connect 3 iPad/Android to view HD images and video. ...

HK$ 3,490.00
Schatti Set

Educational Wooden Toys


Schatti Set combines Schatti and Schatti Too in one. Players need...

HK$ 765.00
Shadow Outline

Educational Wooden Toys


The Shadow outlines cards show the shadows of the...

HK$ 1,258.00
Primary Science @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

Animal, Plants, Habitats, Land, Forces, Energy, Weather, Be...

Body and Health @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

Be Well, Be Safe, Bodies, Teeth, Food and...


Software Online Subscription

Computer Science, Communications and Digital Citizenship.  Subscribe to  BrainPOP...


Software Online Subscription

Inventions, Innovations, Discoveries, Science & Industry Subscribe to  BrainPOP...

Art and Music @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

Art (colour, sculpture, Picasso...), Music (Pitch,Tone...)  Subscribe to  BrainPOP...


Software Online Subscription

Cellular Life and Genetics, Diversity of Life, Ecology...


Software Online Subscription

Matter and Chemistry: What is everything made of? ...


Software Online Subscription

Energy, Motion, Forces & Time; Nature of the...

Unimat 1 Basic for Primary School (4 in 1)

Mini Machine Tools


The lab for technical crafting. Introduction to sawing,...

HK$ 2,990.00
SAM Labs Maker Kit

Bluetooth, wireless, rechargeable input and output


17 wireless bluetooth blocks, 30+ software blocks.   Micro:bit...

HK$ 5,592.00
Computing /Technology @ BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

Computational Thinking, Engineering and Design Process, Loops, Internet...

SAM Labs STEAM Course Kit - Team size

Bluetooth, wireless, rechargeable input and output


12 blocks, designed for 9-10 students.  Allow young...

HK$ 4,392.00
SAM Labs STEAM Course Kit - Classroom size

Bluetooth, wireless, rechargeable input and output


40 blocks, designed for 30 students. Inspire your entire...

HK$ 13,592.00
Flexible Shaft "Artist"

Mini Machine Tools


For use with Unimat Basic 4 in1 or...

HK$ 332.00
Playmake Flexible shaft

Mini Machine Tools

901 440

For use with Playmake, connect to the motor....

HK$ 190.00
SAM Labs STEAM Expansion Kit

Bluetooth, wireless, rechargeable input and output


30 blocks.  Inspire your entire classroom to go...

HK$ 10,300.00
PlayMake for Kindergarten

Mini Machine Tools

801 200

Woodworking for very young children  PLAYMAKE is a fully...

HK$ 990.00
STEM Renewable Energies

STEM lessons and models pack


9 Models. Make the basics of renewable energies...

HK$ 2,499.00
Pen Press

Mini Machine Tools


Pen press for easy assembling of wooden pens....

HK$ 757.00
Solar Model Construction Kit

Project kit


Solarkit with solar panel and an electric motor....

HK$ 254.00
PLAYmake Baseboard Plastic

Base board


Colors: Gray Dimensions: approx. 38x27cm 24x17 studs (big)...

HK$ 200.00
Material pack wood sawing + turning

Project kit


Newly developed wooden material pack for sawing +...

HK$ 254.00