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US National Academy of Engineer, E4U2 competition winning video  (2 minutes)


Engineer our World (2 minutes)
The Institute of Engineering and Technology

Are Engineers Human? (13 minutes)
Dr Patricia Galloway, US
Presentation at TEDxManhattanBeach

fischertechnik STEM and Physics, Germany (7 minutes)
Started in 1965. 50 years of anniversary (history)
Part of the fischer group of companies
fischertechnik in Industrial Simulation

STEM catalogue (an old version) - before we finish updating our new catalogue, please view this dated catalogue for an overview of products which is still rather valid.   

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Build­ Your­ Own Young Maker’s Workshop:  Tools -Materials -Inspirations    D-E Wing Table 24 

Technology - Making

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Art and Music @ BrainPOP Jr.

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Art (colour, sculpture, Picasso...), Music (Pitch,Tone...)  Subscribe to  BrainPOP...

Technology @BrainPOP.com

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Inventions, Innovations, Discoveries, Science & Industry Subscribe to  BrainPOP...

Return to Mechania

Software CD-Rom

 All the DT, none of the equipment! Get...

HK$ 208.00
Focus on Mechanical Toys

Software CD-Rom

Mechanical Toys Design Technology software supports the teaching...

HK$ 419.00
Focus on Mechanism

Software CD-Rom

 Ideal for KS3 and GCSE Design Technology, each...

HK$ 419.00
Focus on Fairground Ride

Software CD-Rom

Focus on Fairground Rides is an interactive resource...

HK$ 419.00
Interactive Physics

Software Download

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Interactive Physics is...

HK$ 960.00
Working Models 2D

Software Download

Working Model is a powerful, engineering tool for...

HK$ 1,200.00
fischertechnik designer



The Construction Software for fischertechnik models http://www.3dprofi.de/en/    ...

HK$ 1,900.00
Universal 4

Construction Kits


THE perfect starter kit with 40 models With...

HK$ 738.00
Mechanics 2.0 (covering statics)

STEM lessons and models pack


30 models:   Ideal set for the engineers of tomorrow!...

HK$ 1,428.00
Sold Out
Experiment 3: looping
Physics I (2.0)

STEM lessons and models pack


7 models:  Understand dynamics by playing with different functional...

HK$ 1,224.00
Sold Out
High bay storage rack
Robotics in Industry



4 models.  Txt controller, Scratch 3.0, micro:bit ready...

HK$ 2,016.00
Conveyor belt 24V

pre-assembled training model


Conveyor belt simulates the transport of the workpieces...

HK$ 2,333.00
Punching machine with conveyor belt, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Simulation of transport and machining of workpieces  ...

HK$ 3,033.00
3-D-Robot, (9V or 24V)

pre-assembled training model


Positions workpieces safely and precisely with the aid...

HK$ 7,233.00
Indexed line with two machining stations, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Indexing line with a milling and drilling station...

HK$ 8,167.00
Accu Set 230V UK - Rechargeable battery with charger

Rechargeable battery


Compatible with all fishcertechnik models for provision of...

HK$ 452.00
Power Set

spare parts


Power unit and infinitely variable control unit. The...

HK$ 512.00
Motor Set XS

spare parts


Thanks to the compact measurements, this motor can...

HK$ 286.00
Motor Set XM

spare parts


High performance geared motor in compact plastic casing...

HK$ 321.00

spare parts


If you want to breathe still more „life“...

HK$ 588.00
Box 1000

Classroom Storage


Each pack comes with Practical storage box with...

HK$ 321.00
Inventa Technique Sheets

Handbook / Teacher's Guide

Fully illustrated sheets on design-and-make using Inventa (now the...

HK$ 150.00
Inventa Book of Mechanism


An enjoyable book. Illustrated in full colour, everything...

HK$ 150.00
Curious Learners in Primary Maths, Science, Computing and DT (STEM)

Teacher's Book


  Whether it is in the British National...

HK$ 260.00
Vacuum Gripper Robot, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Safe and precise transport of workpieces     ...

HK$ 8,167.00
fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Digitized learning and simulation model for industry 4.0...

HK$ 134,167.00
Automated High Bay Warehouse, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Storage and retrieval of workpieces and containers  ...

HK$ 9,917.00
Multi Processing Station with Oven, 24V

pre-assembled training model


2 processing stations with pneumatic transfer for safe...

HK$ 8,750.00
Sorting line with colour detection, 24V

pre-assembled training model


Recognition and sorting of the different workpieces Detects...

HK$ 7,583.00
fischertechnik STEM 2 kit for the BBC micro:bit & AI 智能家居/ 社區/ 遊樂場

Model Pack with sensor/input/output


  12 models, 200+ parts.   Introduce students...

HK$ 814.00
Sold Out
Pneumatics: Beginner

STEM lessons and models pack


5 models.  Learning the basics of pneumatics through play...

HK$ 720.00
LED set

spare parts


The LED Set is just the right solution...

HK$ 286.00
Computing /Technology @ BrainPOP Jr.

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Computational Thinking, Engineering and Design Process, Loops, Internet...

Computing @BrainPOP.com

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Computer Science, Communications and Digital Citizenship.  Subscribe to  BrainPOP...


Software Online Subscription

BrainPOP builds essential literacy skills in all subjects...

HK$ 24,240.00
BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

Building background knowledge and literacy skills in younger...

HK$ 20,160.00
Creative Box Basic

spare parts


630 components, for ultimate fiddling fun Top Features:...

HK$ 1,012.00
Creative Box Mechanics

spare parts


290 components set for tinkerers and inventors Top Features: ...

HK$ 512.00
Sold Out
Switching power supply 9V, 2.5A, black
Switching power supply 9V, 2.5A, black

spare parts


fischertechnik 9V switching power supply for optimal power...

HK$ 234.00
Storage and transport case for Training Factory Model



For safe storage and transportation of factory models...

HK$ 11,083.00
STEM Renewable Energies

STEM lessons and models pack


9 Models. Make the basics of renewable energies...

HK$ 2,499.00
H2 Fuel Cell Car

Renewable Energy Kit


How does a fuel cell work, and how...

HK$ 893.00
Robotics First Coding



3 models, Learn to program robots! Writing your...

HK$ 1,190.00
ROBOTICS TXT Controller 4.0



The TXT 4.0 Controller offers plenty of new features with...

HK$ 2,856.00
Charger 8.4V 700mA, black

Rechargeable battery


The fischertechnik charger for recharging batteries

HK$ 200.00
Quality control with AI
Quality control with AI

pre-assembled training model


Visualize AI models and make them sustainably comprehensible,...

HK$ 10,209.00