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 AiTLE + ETC : Provision of Support to School re Class Suspension Programme

AiTLE  (The Association of IT Leaders in Education)  and ETC, have joined hands with
BrainPOP,  the cross curriculum digital content and activities platform, and
Nearpod, the teacher-student interaction platform,
to provide free trial of their PAID versions to schools 
during the entire class suspension period in Hong Kong! 

To take advantage of this extended length free trial offer, please complete the application forms for your school:    
(a)  for non-international schools  in Hong Kong  (Nearpod + BrainPOP)
(b) for international schools in Hong Kong  (Nearpod), (BrainPOP)


About BrainPOP (1.5 mins)
More on BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr. BrianPOP ELL, click here

What is Nearpod?  What Teachers Can Do (1.5 mins)
FAQ on Nearpod

How to host a virtual class in Zoom (16 mins)
Zoom virtual meeting in Education
Join the free plan or the Education Plan

Combining the use of web meeting solutions, such as  Zoom's free basic web meetings plan,  students can attend real time classes at home by joining teachers through Nearpod live lesson.  Teachers continue to conduct lessons, provide classwork, keep students on task, run collaborative activities as in the normal everyday lessons at school.    Using Nearpod, the transition from school to home teaching is almost non-existent.   To engage students at home, Nearpod's interactive class activities will be invaluable:

  • Continue to teach your Nearpod live lesson through the free Zoom Meeting (or similar video conference service), students to join all activities on their own devices and submit response to the teacher real time.  Teacher to see students' individual work in progress.   Run collaborative amongst students as in everyday classroom
  • Deliver Nearpod student-paced lessons through weblink, google classroom, receive student works submission
  • Daily narrated BrainPOP movie guides in Cantonese to motivate students to build daily Reading across the curriculum and beyond the curriculum through BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr, and BrainPOP ELL
  • Online face-to-face demo and webinar on how to deliver regular classroom lessons through Nearpod/BrainPOP and Zoom online meetings.  Click here to make your request.

Anywhere - Anytime Teaching and Learning

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Nearpod Premimum Plus School Edition

Software Online Subscription

 Nearpod: combines engaging media andformative assessments to make ...

HK$ 13,728.00

Software Online Subscription

BrainPOP builds essential literacy skills in all subjects...

HK$ 24,240.00
BrainPOP Jr.

Software Online Subscription

Building background knowledge and literacy skills in younger...

HK$ 20,160.00
BrainPOP ELL (English Language Learning)

Software Online Subscription

Build Vocabulary and Grammar Skills with scaffolded lessons...

HK$ 12,000.00
Nearpod EL (English Learners)
Nearpod EL (English Learners)

Software Online Subscription

A new way to experience Nearpod EL Differentiate...