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Soundtrap for Education

The recording studio for students and teachers
to create sound clips, audio-presentation, audio-storytelling, 
audio-book-report, audio-drama, musical, etc.
Amplify student voice ... to make storytelling & music creation simple and collaborative for every student
In the Studio ...
800+ instruments and sounds
1,000+ loops and sound effects from
able to create audios to support lessons, school events and activities like Open Day and STEM/STEAM projects
Impact to classroom, school events & school activities
  • support core curricula across various subjects
  • include technology, art & music, literacy & languages,  speaking & listening, and storytelling
  • showcase students' creativity and knowledge
  • social emotional learning and wellness
  • project-based learning
Examples of lesson ideas
  • collaborate and compose a quick song
  • compose music and sound effects for a page of a story
  • help young students bring their words to life
  • create a podcast - storytelling, interview, drama, musical, etc
  • learn music and create a band song or mini orchestra; sing with music
  • book reviews - students record and share an audio book review after reading a book
  • and many more ......

Global Solution, Resource & Service

Lesson Plans

Many good lesson templates shared by global educators for you to customize for your classroom.

Resource - tutorials, educator courses, classroom ideas, assessment rubrics

Tutorials - more than 30 video tutorials help you to start, including class administration, crash courses, recording tips, LMS integration, getting started in the studio, collaboration, beatmaker, instruments, loops, audio recording, etc.

3 levels of FREE Soundtrap Certified Educator Courses

Edu Resources Portal - 
  • teacher snapshots - 200+ ideas and templates across all ages and subjects
  • lessons - for you to customize for your classroom's own need
  • events - global community to share ideas and ask questions

6 short video to help you kickstart (in Cantonese)

(1) create a ringtone (3:48 min.)
(2) record a short story ( 4:56 min.)
(3) edit a short story - add sound effects (4 min.)
(4) music - input a melody ( 2 min)
(5) music - edit & quantize (3 min.)
(6) music - jam with more instruments (5 min.)

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