28mm Crocodile Clips, pack of 50

Conductive Thread Connector



28mm Crocodile Clips, pack of 50
Product Description

Sewable electronics.

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Pack of 50 Crocodile Clips. Great in any science laboratory or design technology workshop involving any low voltage electrical circuit.


Pack of 50, 28mm Crocodile Clips. Excellent for fast prototyping where removable connections are essential. Features two side notches at the back of the clip for securing to leads and wires. Available as a pack of 50 clips.

These miniature crocodile clips are perfect to use with conductive thread where you want to be able to make a connection to a board, but be able to easily remove the PCB. Our BBC micro:bit Emoji Bag tutorial is an excellent example of this.

These clips are great for using with the BBC micro:bit's edge connector as they are very slim. They are ideal for prototyping. Max. current supported: 0.5A.

RoHS Compliant.


  • Fast prototyping.
  • 28mm clip.
  • Conducts up to 0.5A.


  • 50 x 28mm Crocodile Clip.


  • Clip length: 28mm.
  • Clip Width: 5mm.
  • Clip Height: 10mm.


  • Low voltage use only.

    See these tutorials from the E-Textiles Tutorial section:

    BBC micro:bit emoji bag.

    This Kitronik University resource is part of the BBC micro:bit partnership and will be an in depth tutorial into making a BBC micro:bit emoji bag with UK student's  free sample kit. We are currently working on this project, it will be available later on this summer. In the meantime enjoy this sneak preview!

    BBC micro:bit rocket themed countdown pencil case.

    In this tutorial students will make their own pencil case from a template from scratch. Then following step by step instructions they will connect additional LEDs to the BBC micro:bit via conductive thread and crocodile clips, and learn how to programme the device to display a countdown


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