BBC micro:bit + fischertechnik STEM 2 kit

STEM lessons and models pack

BBC + fischertechnik

Product Description

12 models.   Learn STEM through Technology in everyday life with the BBC micro:bit.


  • merry-go-round
  • pedestrian light
  • lighthouse with blinking light
  • refrigerator
  • washing machine
  • sliding door
  • staircase lighting
  • windshield wiper
  • motor test bench
  • hand dryer
  • barrier
  • press with safety switch


Specially put together pack including the following:

BBC micro:bit starter set

Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit Plus the battery case

fischertechnik STEM 2 (excluding the fischertechik LT controller), 12 models.


brightness sensing light

intelligent refrigerator

Seeds Germinating - Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School shares about their experience in using BBC micro:bit + fischertechnik STEM II model packs to teach STEM. 

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