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Product Description

Create concept maps online from scratch orautomatically through AI, starting with long texts, documents and photos of books or notes.


On Algor Education you can make 2 types of maps, automatic or manual.

  • Automatic maps (GEN AI) allow you to make a map by entering text or by taking photos of your book. Just use 'Map from text' or 'Map from photo' and follow the instructions to create it.

  • Manual maps, on the other hand, allow you to start from scratch and create the map yourself.

You can fully customize your maps in the multimedia whiteboard collaborating in real time with friends and colleagues. Upload your PDF and Word documents, listen to them with the support of TTS and create maps in a few clicks.

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Transform photos, documents, audio and video with Algor's Artificial Intelligence! 


Try Algor for free:  with 30 AI credits to create automatic maps

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How does AI credits work?

To use Algor's automatic functions, such as Map from Text Or the Quick Map,  you need AI credits.

Each map created automatically from a text will cost you 15 credits, each automatic suggestion from Algorino will consume 2 credits. Credits are renewed every month.

The Free plan offers you 30 test credits to create, for example, two text maps automatically.


Free Pro  (Teacher with AI)
Credit for AI 30 credits total  only 1000 AI credit/ month
# of text to create automatically from up to 15,000 uo to 100,000
Number of Manual maps unlimited unlimited
Premium printing and exporting ✔️
Text to Speech
Listen to your lyrics with an advanced voice synthesizer with karaoke highlighting, 5 languages, different voices and speed


Number of teachers and students
HK$ 10,000.00

10 Teachers with AI + 200 students with No AI