Blue-Bot® Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot V.2

Programmable Floor Robot



Product Description

The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, and you can wirelessly control it with your tablet or PC.
  • Interact with other Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots
  • Record audio to play back to confirm when commands are entered
  • Audio playback when Bee-Bot follows commands
  • Programme up to 200 steps!   That's 160 more steps than version 1!

The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, and you can wirelessly control it with your tablet or PC.

Blue-Bot can now detect another Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot® and say hello. They will play a default sound or the students can record their own. Students can also record audio to play back when each button is pressed, making it more accessible to all students, including those with auditory or visual processing needs.

Blue-Bot has a clear shell so children can see the components inside. It is also rechargeable so you don't need to worry about replacing costly batteries. 6 pack includes a FREE docking station. You can still use Blue-Bot like a normal Bee-Bot and program it using the buttons on the robot. However, Blue-Bot is now capable of connecting to tablets, PCs and Macs, allowing you to take the programming much further. Download the free iOS/Android app to connect to tablets, or download the Windows and Mac software to connect to your desktop. Please note the app does not require any personal information from the user. For another fun way to program Blue-Bot, please see our Blue-Bot Tactile reader.


5 minutes introductory video on Blue-Bot

1 minute overview including the tactile reader and the App

2 minutes - The Arbours Academy Grand Prix 

Plan your algorithm on the screen of your device (iPad or Android Tablet) and send it remotely for Bluetooth enabled Blue-Bot to perform right in front of you!

  • See the components inside Blue-Bot through a clear shell - children can see its buzz!
  • Use Blue-Bot like a normal Bee-Bot® and program it on the robot itself
  • Capable of performing 45 degree turns and you can also include repetitions in your algorithm
  • Blue-Bot is rechargeable and fits on the standard Bee-Bot® Docking Stations
  • USB cable provided for recharging
  • Compatible with iOS and Android (PC and Mac versions coming soon!)

Please note: Blue-Bot Floor Robot is compatible with any iPad with version 3.0/4.0+ EDR / BLE Bluetooth i.e. iPad3 and later

Blue-Bot is a perfect resource for KS1 and KS2.


Lesson idea - see this blog Bee-Bot/ Blue-Bot, a teacher's guide



BeeBot and BlueBot Features comparison
Blue-Bot v.2 Bee-Bot v.2
Ideal for Primary school Kindergarten
Size and Connection
Size 13cm(L) x 10cm (W) x 7 cm(H) 13cm(L) x 10cm (W) x 7 cm(H)
Colour Transparent with Black strip Yellow with Black strip
Bluetooth connection Connect with Tactile Reader
Tactile Reader - taking the commands from the robot itself onto separate tiles, ideal for debugging: correct sequences and algorithms.
Movement (commands)
Movement Forward, Backward, Turn Forward, Backward, Turn
Speed of movement
(depends on battery condition)
approx. 65 mm/sec approx. 65 mm/sec
Width of each step 150mm ±8mm 150mm ±8mm
Maximum # of steps in memory 200 200
Pause 1 second ±15% 1 second ±15%
90 degrees turn left/right 90 degrees ±4% 90 degrees ±4%
45 degrees turn left/right Through the use of the Bluetooth Tactile Reaser
Repeat function Repeat 1, 2,3 times through the use of the Tactile Reader
Advanced Functions
Sensor: Detect other BeeBot/BlueBot within approx. 25cm +/-10cm
(environment dependant)
within approx. 25cm +/-10cm
(environment dependant)
Record and playback sound
Renaming Done through the App
Tablet App Blue-Bot App
See Lesson guide
Battery life
(depends mainly on amount of movement)
approx 8 hours in normal usage approx 8 hours in normal usage
1.5 hours for continuous use 1.5 hours for continuous use
2 hours to fully charge 2 hours to fully charge

Download the app to control Blue-Bot, the latest addition to our floor robot family
. The app enables you to write an algorithm, send it and then Blue-Bot will follow your instructions. There are numerous features, which make writing algorithms both fun and educational.

Blue-Bot App is available for free download on the Google Play Store Blue-Bot App is available for free download on the Apple Store

Use explore mode to develop algorithms:
- Step by step programming. Instructions are added to the list and once happy place Blue-Bot back at the start and press go.
- Drag and drop programming. Just drag your instructions into the left hand bar to save
- Include repeats to make things even more fun
- Program 45 degree turns.

Challenge mode will add complexity into the algorithm:
- Blue-Bot will add random obstacles, adding complexity to the algorithm needed
- One or even two directional buttons can be removed
- Random instructions can be generated, you must predict which square Blue-Bot will end up.

Children can also record themselves saying a command and can assign it to a button on Blue-Bot. As the algorithm progresses, they will hear themselves giving the instructions.

Note: This app can be installed in older iPads but will have limited functionality and CANNOT be used to control a Blue-Bot floor robot.

1.   Using Blue-bot with the Blue-bot App: please click here

2.  The Blue-bot user guide here

3.   Lesson idea - see this blog Bee-Bot/ Blue-Bot, a teacher's guide


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