Educational Wooden Toys



Product Description

A colourful, fun insert and construct game for young children.

Cactus can help to teach very young kids 

  • shape and colour differentiation
  • colour matching.

while developing their

  • fine motor skills
  • tactile perception
  • concentration skills

Age: 1+ year old

Number of players: 1-3 players


Cactus is supplied in a cloth bag with

  • Cactus base (Ø 12 cm x height 10 cm) x 1
  • Round flowers (Ø 5 cm) x 6
  • Petal pieces (Ø 5 cm, height 1,5 cm) x 6
  • Thorns with buds (length 9 cm, Ø 1,4 cm) x 6
  • Colour dice (3,2 x 3,2 cm) x 1
  • Game instructions leaflet x 1

Material: Solid wood, T V (German safety approval mark) approved 

Cactus is a versatile game that can be played in a variety of ways.

Players can

  • match the petal pieces and round flowers to the colour of the buds on the thorns or
  • mix the colours as they choose to create a multicoloured cactus.

Both ends of the thorns insert into the cactus base.

The game can be played with or without the colour dice.

An alternative way of playing for children aged 3+

  1. Insert the thorns into the cactus base with the buds facing downwards.
  2. The players take turns to throw the colour dice.
  3. The colour shown on the dice determines the colour of the bud to be changed.
  4. The matching petal piece and round flower can only be added when the right colour is thrown.
HK$ 355.00