CNC-Upgrade Package for Unimat ML Metalline

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Product Description

The CNC lab for introducing CNC technology 

Building on the Unimat ML 6in1 kit with the 'MetalLine-Upgrade Package 3 (Power)' also machine variants can with more power can be set-up.

The cool tool CNC Education Set from The Cool Tool on Vimeo.

For more power in bigger workpieces. NOT childsafe, only under supervision or for vocational training.

Consists of Power-motor, reduction kit for power-motor, safety adaptor with junction box, circular saw with saw blade, power jigsaw, precision milling attachment, profil milling head set, professional woodturning attachment, 460 mm machine bed with 2 connection pieces.

To setup a second machine or machine variants like:

  • circular saw
  • power jig saw
  • router
  • big woodturining lathe
  • power mill 

CNC-Upgrade Set-3 [160 200CNC3]

For 3 CNC axis. Because of the proven modularity of the Unimat system, with this package the following variants can be upgraded to CNC:

  • lathe
  • vertical mill
  • horizontal mill

All equipped with 2 A stepper motors. Comes with CNC-longitudinal slide and 2x CNC-cross slides, 3-axis Controller with LINUX CNC-Software package to control 3 axes simultaneously. Sandy box included.

CNC-Upgrade Set-4 [160 200CNC4]

For up to 4 CNC axes.  With the additional CNC rotary unit the following variants can be set up:

  • Lathe
  • Horizontal Mill
  • Vertical Mill with Rotary Unit

Comes with CNC-longitudinal slide and 2x CNC-cross slides, rotary unit 5-axis Controller with LINUX CNC-Software package to control 4 axes simultaneously.  Sandy box included.


SandyBox provides a realtime environment to run the CNC software. By connecting to it via USB the CNC software can be accessed easily and without having to install it.

The parallel port interface allows for connection to LIN-CONTR 3 or 5 Unimat CNC control electronic.

Technical specification:

  • 1GHz CPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB storage
  • LinuxCNC / Machinekit pre-installed (no installation needed on PC)
  • USB-to-PC  and LPT-to-machine controller interface
  • Supports  var. OSs (Windows 32 o. 64bit, Mac OS X*, Linux)
  • Incl. 5V power adaptor
  • Sturdy metal housing

*Update March 2016: currently USB not supported for Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11 +)!


What is CNC – CAD/CAM?

The computerized manufacturing of a model starts with designing it on a PC. For this purpose a wide range of CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications are available on the market.

In the next step, the design file is opened with the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)  software. The CAM application generates the tool paths based on your entered and defined processing parameters. These paths, as well as certain other machine commands, are converted into G-Code (normed programming language of numerical control). Most CAM applications can export such machine code in compliance with the RS274D standard (DIN 66025). G-Code for simple geometrical forms can also be compiled manually.

In the third and final step this code has to be imported into a CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) application. Line-by-line, the commands are converted into processing signals for the drive motors. The machine travels according to these directions and the work piece is processed.




HK$ 13,870.00

3-axis CNC upgrade