CoDrone Pro: Code a drone



Product Description

Developed specifically as a teaching tool for encouraging students to program. The simplified CoDrone Prolibrary along with the internal stability and durability of the CoDrone Pro make it the ideal classroom instrument.


Beginners can learn the basics of variables, loops, and control statements in either Blockly, Python, or Arduino (Pro only). Advanced users can learn feedback control using sensors and how to write their own programming libraries. Even professionals can tap into the CoDrone Pro's internal functions to develop new and exciting features for the community.

CoDrone Pro comes with a remote so it can be flown straight out of the box, or you can learn to program it with Blockly, Python or Arduino Use our free online tutorials to learn how to program your own flight patterns, customize the LED, use the remote, and even grab sensor readings.

Get flying in minutes. Children can learn to code through exploration.




Best of all, the CoDrone Pro comes with free online lessons!


Free Online Blockly course for CoDrone Pro

Free Online Python course for CoDrone Pro


Free Online Arduino course for CoDrone Pro




CoDrone Mini is the latest programmable drone kit from Robolink. At only 8cm wide and 8cm long, its small and sturdy frame is perfect for all ages who want to try drone coding for the first time. CoDrone Mini’s increased durability and smaller size over CoDrone Pro/Lite makes it the ideal choice for beginners. It can do all of the same basic flight movements as CoDrone Pro/Lite, with the added capability of being able to do flips in four directions. Similar to CoDrone Lite, you can program CoDrone Mini with Blockly or Python. While a smaller drone means fewer programmable LEDs and a shorter flight time, it's a compact and affordable option to make drone coding accessible to anyone.

With the support of students, educators, and members of our community, we recommend the CoDrone Mini as the best choice for the classroom. Unlike CoDrone Pro, CoDrone Mini comes already paired with its remote out of the box. The compact remote is preprogrammed and doesn’t have any loose bolts, wires, or extra components that could be damaged or lost. For large classes with multiple drones, radio frequency communication makes it easier to fly more drones at a time with fewer disconnections and no pairing conflicts. You can be up and running in the first class!


CoDrone Lite Mini  CoDrone Pro
HK$825 each
HK$1,960 each
Operate in  Indoor use only Indoor use only
Coding Language Blockly, Python Blockly, Python, Arduino
Online Tutuorials Code CoDrone Mini
Code CoDrone Pro
Best for ages 8+ 10+
  • 1 CoDrone Mini
  • 1 BLE Board
  • 1 Lipo battery
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Propeller Remover
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 set of extra propellers
    • 1 CoDrone
    • 1 BLE board
    • 1 Lipo battery
    • 1 Battery charger
    • 1 USB Cable
    • 1 Propeller Remover
    • 1 Quick Start Guide
    • 1 set of extra propellers
    • 1 Arduino-compatible remote kit
    Drone specifications:
    Size (cm) 8 cm x 8 cm 13 cm x 13 cm
    Weight (g) 20 g (with battery) 37 g
    Colour Black/ Yellow Black

    Single cell Lithium ion battery (3.7V 220mAh 30C)

    Single cell Lithium ion battery (3.7V 300mAh)

    Charging Time 40 minutes 40 minutes
    Max Speed

    21 km/h
    LED 1 full colour (RGB) LED 5 full colour (RGB) LEDs
    Flight Time

    < 5min

    5-8 Minutes

    48 meters

    20 meters
    Communication Protocol

    Radio Frequency (RF) 2.4GHz

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 2.4 GHz


    Infrared sensor


    Optical flow sensor for auto hovering ✔️
    High resolution air pressure sensor for altitute control ✔️ ✔️
    3-axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer for altitute ciontrol ✔️ ✔️




    CoDrone Pro Python and Arduino Functions Library

    HK$ 1,960.00