Learn Artificial Intelligence (AI)with Zumi

3 mins. Into to Zumi, the AI Self driving car 

4.5 mins. Zumi Self Driving Competition 

Learn to programme a Drone

50 seconds. Code & Fly CoDrone Mini 


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CoDrone Mini: Code a drone


Small in size. BIG on code. 8x8x3.4 cm | 20 grams...

HK$ 825.00
CoDrone Pro: Code a drone


Developed specifically as a teaching tool for encouraging...

HK$ 1,960.00

AI Self-Driving Car Kit

 Learn AI with a self-driving car in Blockly/Python. ...

HK$ 1,650.00
Zumi Activity Cards

Activity Resources

A set of 20 unique activities that will put...

HK$ 200.00
Zumi Driving School Mat

Floor Mat

This is a smaller driving school mat, featuring...

HK$ 449.00
CoDrone EDU


A drone made for learning.  Introducing the CoDrone...

HK$ 1,960.00