Countryside Activity Tin

Teacher's Guide + Accessories



Product Description

The Countryside Activity Tin contains a number of accessories to use with the Countryside Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot mat.  

  • Offers planned, intentional teaching of vocabulary
  • A progressive, considered method to narrow the word gap
  • Includes subject knowledge support for teachers 

Including 6 character jackets, 20 prop pieces and 10 activity card relating to the mat.

Quick and easy to get started with when planing time is limited. 


Countryside Bee-Bot the Cow Computing, Maths, Science
Old Mc Bee-Bot had a farm Computing, Music, Science
Animal Mix Up Computing, Literacy
Fun with Ducks Computing, Maths, Music
A New Sheep Computing, Maths, Literacy
Scarecrows Computing, Music, Literacy
We Plough the Fields and Scatter Computing, Maths
Vegetable Patch Computing, Maths, Design/Tech
Chicken Run Computing, Maths
Hay Bales Computing, Maths, Literacy


HK$ 308.00