Domestic Animals II

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Domestic Animals II
Product Description

The large Dusyma Aufstelltiere and figures

As the decades-long popular Dusyma MonoBlocks convince the Great its aesthetic design and quality workmanship. The large animals and figures are ideal for little hands and very stable. People can sometimes sit on the backs of the animals and ride.

A full range of domestic, zoo, wildlife and forest animals allows creative and imaginative play.

For 18 months and above

Kindergarten pack comes in a plastic bag with

  • trees and bushes
  • human figures 
  • various animals

Number of parts: 84 

Material: Hardwood, perfect finish, with rounded edges, colorful polished, sweat and saliva.


  • individual partsabout 1.8 cm thick
  • Horse: 7 x 6 cm
  • trees: about 11 cm high


delivered without any decoration items, unless they are part of the product!

HK$ 645.00