Dusybaju / Dusypiku




Product Description

Gameplay / promotion: In addition to the mathematical, strategic and spatial thinking, the players learn to put themselves in the tactics of the opposite. Not only action planning is practiced but also the making of situational decisions. The game offers a wealth of game options. Whether as a game variant "The first 4", in which the goal is to form a series of four, as "mill", where the game pieces of the other players must be obtained or as an expansion option by the additional use of differently colored pieces from the complementary games Dusybaju or Dusypiku. Varied play possibilities for 2 players are given here. If both games are combined can play up to 4 children.

From 5 years. Content / material:Game board made of satin acrylic plastic, 34 pieces made of transparent acrylic plastic, 1 game instructions. 

Dimensions: Game board 20 x 20 cm, game pieces 3 x 2.7 cm.

two different packs
HK$ 572.00


Dusybaju (green and blue)