Dusyma Connect Building Blocks

Educational Wooden Toys



Product Description

The original Dusyma blocks out of beech wood are real classics in building blocks

They have been around for more than 40 years in schools and kindergardens and proven to be great basic material for building, planning and being creative.

Apart from the joy of building creatively, strategic thinking and imagination are encouraged, space awareness and abstract thinking is developed and also fine motor skills promoted.

The arrangement of

  • three opposing grooves and
  • on each 4 teeth of the same width and depth (like a small dice)

makes it possible to connect the blocks in different ways and therefore produce versatile buildings.

In the packet are 4 different sizes of blocks of different quantities and they are made out of untreated solid beech wood and they come in a cotton bag.

The main block measures 42mm x 24 mm x 6 mm thick.

1000 pieces


HK$ 1,470.60