Fairy story inventor - tell fantastic stories

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Product Description

The welcoming and child-friendly tale illustrated picture cards offer a variety of wooden play and funding opportunities.

The children can invent their own stories and fairy tales, targeted language support is enabled and traditional tales can be edited.

The backs of the fairy tale picture cards are stained in 4 different colors, so that the assignment of the maps on people, places, things and animals is possible (color coding).

Age from 3 years.


Through the tale inventor, a child can develop the following skills in a joyous and playfully way:

  • the use of language - The vocabulary is expanded, the ability of the retelling is supported practiced and with the help of the fairy tale cards. The sentence formation with subject, predicate and object is trained and is found in the instructions further suggestions to improve the grammarFairy tales often include verses and rhymes, and is best for speech production.
  • logical order - The sets are placed in a logical order, with the laying out of the chronological tale cards can provide important support.Relationships can be better captured by the pictorial representation.
  • imagination and creativity - If the free narrative excited, the imagination can develop freely. The surviving tales have a high symbolic value, which is illustrated by the picture cards and is good for literary concepts such as imagery, metaphors and similes.
  • endurance and concentration - Enabled through careful listening  and retelling of stories.


Each pack comes with

  • 56 fairytale image maps made of wood,
  • 1 fairy tale wooden cube with 6 different colored jewels (plastic stones),
  • 1 set of instructions in a wooden box.


  • Fairytale image map 15 x 10 cm, 0.3 cm thick,
  • wooden box 12 x 18 x 21 cm
  • tale cube 3.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 cm 


HK$ 1,442.00