Corgi Intelligent Quadruped Bionic Robot Dog (ESP32 ,12 DOF)

XiaoR Geek

Product Description

AI mechanical pet dog: XR robot dog is a four-legged bionic robot dog based on ESP32. The high-precision aluminum alloy shell is equipped with 12 DOF servos and 1 DOF camera, which can realize 10+ kinds of bionic postures and movements, with flexible and smooth movements and strong power. You can also create your own pet mechanical dog through programming.


Assembling the Electronic Kit: The robot dog has a sturdy structure, Four-legged wear-resistant feet, and can play right out of the box. Through the exclusive Android APP, you can easily control the robot remotely, view what the robot sees, and interact with XR DOG instantly. Support table top and flat ground.

12DOF Advanced Bionic: Each leg of the robot dog is controlled by 3 bus servos, which can be compared to 3 joints of the elbow, shoulder and hip joint to accurately restore the action details. Based on inverse kinematics, it can walk forward, backward, left and right, and in all directions, and flexibly complete a variety of bionic posture actions.

Open source robot: This is an open source quadruped robot platform, XR Dog has 10+ built-in poses and actions, such as rotating, raising head, waving, urinating, etc. 

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HK$ 3,830.00

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