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Far Beyond ABC completes an invaluable set of three books, which together hold the key to learning to read. Beautifully illustrated, it opens up the secrets of 20 more major English spelling patterns. The best of it is that the child-friendly story logic draws on childrens thinking skills and their imaginations, so they easily remember the phonic facts that the stories carry.

Read about the Letterland digraph stories which include:

  • Magic e Stories
  • Vowel Men
  • Robot Stories
  • A Boy called Roy
  • Boot & Foot Twins

Far Beyond ABC Book was revised in 2016.

Compared to the previous edition, the following changes are made:
  • New sounds added: ve, u (as in put), o (as in son), all
  • Change in teaching order for ur & ir sounds. ur was taught before ir sound in the new edition 


以圖畫及故事形式教授小朋友轉音組合 (Digraphs) 的發音。

例如在教 /a_e/ 的音時:

家長 / 老師可先看文字的一頁,和小朋友講一下 magic e 的故事和讀音,然後指著這頁下面的字  (cake, gate, grape, lake) 讀出。

讀的時候,家長 / 老師可加強  Mr A 的音。 然後再從圖畫上找出這些物件,讓小朋友明白這些字的意思。


這樣,孩子會發現,當你每次讀出這些字,頭一個音都會聽到 Mr A 的音,其實這就是 a_e 在字裡的讀音 (sound in words)

每個字母的詳細物件名單 (Word List),可見本書的 p54-55。


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    Far Beyond ABC Book