Focus on Fairground Ride

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Product Description

Focus on Fairground Rides is an interactive resource supporting the teaching of Design Technology KS2 and KS3 Fairground themed control projects.

Encourage Research

Structured to encourage students of all abilities to conduct research into the design of ride layouts, mechanisms and electric circuits, this simple-to-use learning aid includes sections covering:

  • Pulley systems
  • Switching circuits
  • Types of motion
  • Gear systems
  • Technical vocabulary
  • Interactive on-screen test

2roundaboutHigh quality 3D animations are available in addition to the photographic images, written descriptions and videos of each toy's mechanical structure.

At the click of a button the internal mechanism of each model can be revealed.


The program's step-by-step on-screen circuit builder provides a safe, simple and fun way to learn about the control of motors using simple switching circuits.



Students can check their knowledge and understanding using the on-screen testing module. Displayed in a multiple choice format, students receive instant feedback as they answer each question.

Focus on Fairground Rides has a built in 2D drawing program to help students design and decorate their own rides.


The program comes with a library of pre-drawn images that can be edited to suit individual needs, saved and printed out for use as templates. Images are fully scalable, with no loss of detail, and can be exported for use in other programs.
A set of tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on how to draw different shapes and use the program.

License options
HK$ 419.00

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