Grove Inventor Kit for the BBC micro:bit (8 sensors/ outputs)




Product Description

The Grove Inventor Kit for Micro:bit brings endless possibilities to your micro:bit.


The core board in this kit is the Grove shield for the BBC micro:bit. With this shield you can use plenty of the Grove modules including sensors, displays, and actuators to interact with the micro:bit.

Best of all, there is no need for soldering or jumper wires any more. 

 introduction  to the Grove system



8 Grove Modules (Input/sensors/output/display)

With these grove modules, you can measure distance and display it, use gesture to play different music, or make a smart guard for your desk or room. We have prepared all the necessary libraries(packages) for free download.


  1. Light sensor v.1.2
  2. Rotary angle sensor (p)
  3. Ultrasonic ranger
  4. Gesture sensor


  1. Speaker
  2. Red LED
  3. Waterproof LED strip
  4. 4-digit display

The Project Book

We have prepared a project book, including 12 awesome projects to let you get started quickly.   Download this project book


Click to read the project book now.
  1. Control the Light
  2. Sunshine micro:bit
  3. LED Bar Controller
  4. Music Player
  5. Gesture Recognition
  6. Smart Guard
  1. Shake Counter
  2. Ultrasonic Meter
  3. Rainbow on The Desk
  4. Guardians of The Secrets in Your Bag
  5. Guardians of The Secrets in Your Room
  6. Magic Musician



The output voltage of micro:bit is around 3.0V, use microbit or AA battery to power the circuit may cause malfunction of Grove modules which requires high input voltage and drive current(e.g Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger). In order to make these kind of Grove function well, please use the micro-USB port on Grove shield for microbit to power the circuit.


Weight G.W 329.5g    
Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove Shield for micro:bit 1
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor(P) 1
Grove - Speaker 1
Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger 1
Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 1
Grove - WS2812 Waterproof LED Strip - 30 LEDs 1 meter 1
Grove - Gesture 1
Grove - 4-Digit Display 1
Grove - Red LED 1
Micro USB Cable - 48cm 1
12 Projects Manual 1
Alligator Cable 10
Grove Cable 7


HK$ 659.00