Grove - Mini Fan v1.1




Product Description

Hey hey, calm down, have some fresh air here. The Grove – Mini Fan v1.1 can be set up in seconds and bring you some nice and cool air in the hot days. It has four parts, a mini fan, a DC Motor, a DC motor driver and a Grove cable. The cartoon-style fan design makes it good choice for decorating your little LEGO house as well.

The motor driver boards have a built-in programmable microcontroller that uses Arduino IDE. In default, it is programmed to drive DC motors with analog inputs, and the rotate speed depends on the value of input signal. You can simply connect up all the parts and plug it into a controller board that has Grove interfaces, upload some code and you are ready to make it spin.

Check out the image below to see how easy it is to control the motor with a light sensor.



  • Easy to use
  • Cartoon Style mini fan
  • Soft fan-blade to avoid injuries
  • Built-in programmable microcontroller that uses Arduino IDE
  • You can change the code to drive servo motors instead of DC motor



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    HK$ 88.00