High Temperature - High Range K-Type Sensor

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Product Description


Measure temperatures in the range -200 to 1,000 Celsius.


Teaching applications:
  • Difference in temperature between closed and open Bunsen flame 
  • High temperature measurements
  • Map heat pattern of a Bunsen flame
Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Comparison of wax type in candles to temperature and luminosity
  • Temperature for popping corn
  • Preserves temperature
  • Calibration of oven temperature


Download K-Type Thermocouple Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS035 | Issue: 5



-200°C to 1000°C (Resolution 1°C)


  • Connecting wire is heat resistant to 105 Celsius.
  • Can be used with other K type thermocouples, but range will be limited to thermocouple.
  • Replacement thermocouples available.
  • Stainless steel 310 sheath reduces heat corrosion.
  • Cold junction compensator.
HK$ 990.00