Learning Stack

Educational Wooden Toys



Product Description

The slanted stacker combines playing and building and therefore offers a completely new challenge and diversification. 

During this exciting game skills, spatial thinking, action planning and concentration are promoted. Furthermore, the child experiences experimentally when building and stacking the laws of statics and gravity. The stacking surfaces are flocked, so that different haptic experiences are made.

Recommended for kids aged 1.5 years old and above.

For 1-5 players

Learning Stack comes in a cotton bag with

  • 40 stacking bricks made of solid wood (lacquered) with two flocked surface  (8 x cube, 8 x trapezoid, 8 x parallelogram, 8 x cube with a slant, 8 x warped cube)                     

  • 1 colour dice,

  • instruction guide

Size of each stacking brick: 4.5 x4.5 x 4.5 - 6 cm  


Due to the different forms of the stacking bricks and the different colours of the surfaces numerous play variations such as

  • Quick stacking,
  • Tower Removal 
  • Who is last and more...

The colour dice brings variety into the game.

Who throws a Joker has faster the chance to put all his stacking bricks on the tower.

The coloured surfaces can be arranged in rows after the domino principle.

HK$ 846.00