Level 2 Fix-it Phonics student pack (2nd edition)




Product Description

Introducing to digraphs, word building, blending and segmenting.

  • Aa-Zz review
  • Consonant digraphs: ng, ch, sh, th, th, wh, ph
  • Vowel digraphs: a_e, ai, ay, e_e, ee, ea, y as e, i_e, ie, igh, y as i, o_e, oa, ow, u_e, ue, ew, oo (moon), o (son), u (pull), oo, oy, oi, aw, au, ow, ou
  • R-controlled vowels: ar, or, er, ir, ur, wr


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Each student will need their own Student Book and Workbook to complete the course. The Student Books are designed to be used in the classroom with the Level 2 CDs. They are packed with songs, chants and role-play activities as well as built-in assessment. The Workbooks allow students to master their writing skills and consolidate learning in school or at home.

Student books

The Fix-it Phonics Student Books are designed to be used in the classroom with the Audio CD/Downloads. In total the books contain ten units of learning. The engaging Letterland characters introduce 40 new spelling patterns through stories, songs, chants and play. Every unit guides children on how to blend sounds to read words, there are regular review lessons as well as ‘Talk time’ pages to encourage good communication and oral language skills.


These Fix-it Phonics Workbooks are full of engaging activities, stickers and colouring to help children learn and consolidate knowledge of spelling patterns introduced in Level 2. The Letterland friends provide children with the skills they need to blend sounds and read and write words. There are also review and listening activities, giving every child a sense of accomplishment and progress.


HK$ 400.00