Light Sensor Add-On #1 Booklet

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Light Sensor Add-On #1 Booklet
Product Description

The Light Sensor Add-on #1 booklet is an extra chapter you can slot into your Chibi Book to learn how to use the light sensor sticker with the Chibi Chip. Build fun projects like a light-o-meter that can measure light levels, while learning how to process analog sensor values. This full-color booklet is shipped in a shrink-wrapped bag, and is meant to be paired up with the Light Sensor Add-on Materials kit.

  • Learn how to use the Chibitronics Light Sensor sticker! 
  • Designed as an extension to the Creative Coding Kit 
  • Build fun projects that respond to light     
  • Learn how to process analog sensor values     
  • Printed material only – electronic parts sold separately in the Light Sensor Add-on Materials Kit 

This booklet is also free to download and print

HK$ 64.00