Magnetic Buttons/Fasteners, Pack of 5

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Magnetic Buttons/Fasteners, Pack of 5
Product Description

Pack of 5 Magnetic Buttons/Fasteners. Ideal for using as a fastener or using in E-Textiles projects to make soft on/off switch.

These magnetic buttons/fasteners make great soft switches when used in conjunction with our conductive thread. You can simply sew conductive thread to each half of the fastener using the two mounting holes on each contact to make a simple on/off switch.

They can also be used for very simple fasteners/clasps as we used in our BBC micro:bit Emoji Bag.


  • Two small holes in each half for thread.
  • Exceptional resistance to demagnetisation.
  • Nickel plated finish.


  • 5 x Magentic Buttons/Fasteners.


  • Height: 4.0mm.
  • Diameter: 19.5mm.
HK$ 65.00