MB3 - Magic Belt Series Workbook

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Product Description

This Introductory Workbook is designed to match with the Magic Belt Series for pupils age 8-14.

The workbook for the series includes a variety of essential reading activities for older, 'catch-up' readers who know the sounds of the alphabet and can read simple CVC words.

It includes 12 chapters which correspond to the reading books.

Each chapter offers a wide variety of activities which include

  • word-building,
  • phoneme manipulation,
  • blending and segmenting activities at word,
  • caption and sentence level.

It also includes a variety of comprehension activities and writing frames.

This workbooks take the pupils from CVC and CVCC word level through the consonant digraphs, sh, ch, th, ck, ng, wh, qu, le and suffixes -ed and -ing.

The Magic Belt Series is designed for children who have poor letter/sound correspondence. The series introduces the letters and sounds of the alphabet and double consonants in six Introductory Levels.It provides the fundamental building blocks a beginner reader will need to begin reading.

Based on anage-appropriate, illustrated decodable story, each Level includes

  • word-building
  • phoneme manipulation
  • blending and segmenting at word and caption level
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