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Product Description

This game does not only train the memory. The exact viewing of the picture requires concentration and promotes the visual perception. Comparing the colour stripes in relation to the picture surfaces leads to the realization of quantities and estimation of the gradations of the colour components from little to much. Each picture card belongs to one colour card. On the colour card the colours of the corresponing picture can be seen and it also shows the relation of the colour distribution.

4 different levels of difficulty (each 8 cards with 3, 4, 5 and 6 colours) give both younger and older children possibilities to play and occupy.

Recommended for children from 4 years old

For 1-4 players

Each pack comes with
  • 64 cards (32 picture cards and 32 colour cards made of cardboard, )
  • 1 instructions booklet

Size of each card: 8 x 8 cm       


In this particular memory game, beside the search for the corresponding pairs of cards, reactivity and speed are important, such as Grap the appropriate colour card.

In addition describing of the picture cards, simple assignment, sorting games after colour components or traditional guessing games, like I see something you do not see! are possible.


HK$ 191.00