MU Vision AI Sensor 3

Computer Vision AI sensor


Product Description

WIFI enabled computer vision AI Sensor  

  • human sensing, color recognition, ball recognition, card pattern (shapes, traffic signs and numbers) recognition.  
  • all the visual recognition algorithms on the MU vision sensors are processed locally, with no need of the network. 
  • come with pre-trained cards (shapes, traffic signs and numbers) for immediate use.
  • WIFI Enabled  - Live images and data can be transmitted via WIFI. You can easily implement the AIoT applications, such as a pan-tilt surveillance camera or a surveillance car with remote control.
  • included 2 x LED, infrared sensor for colour, gesture and light sensor   




Design objectives of the MU Vision Sensor 

MU  vision sensors is designed to meet the needs of AI education, with built-in multiple practical vision algorithms, high recognition accuracy, good stability, and continuous upgrade services. Users do not need to pay attention to the operations of the actual algorithms, and do not need to do complex parameter tuning in their applications.

The recognition results from MU vision sensor, however, still needs to be 'manually processed'. How to use these data to design creative works and even solve practical problems in daily life will be very meaningful. This should be the focus of AI education in the young students.  

Kids just need to understand the basic principles of vision algorithms, but do not have to master them. The purpose of learning algorithm principles is not to develop new algorithms immediately, but to expand their thinking and broaden their horizons.

 Also, all the visual recognition algorithms on the MU vision sensors are processed locally, with no need of the network. 




User guide in English



Mu Vision Sensor 3 - Chinese user guide


Link to MU Vision Sensor 3 micro:bit code

MU vision sensor supports UART, I2C, and WIFI communication mode, it is used in Arduino, Mixly and Microbit embedded platforms.



Size: 3.2cm * 3.3cm * 1.2cm
Processor: ESP32, Dual-core,240MHz
Camera Resolution: 85° wide-angle, 640x480
Power Supply Voltage: 3.3-5V, low power consumption
Data Output Interface: UART / I2C / WIFI
Supported IDEs:

Arduino / Makecode/ MicroPython/ Mixly/ Mind+/mPython X

Supported Controllers:

Arduino/ Micro:bit


- Human Body Detection (upper body)
- Ball Detection (orange table tennis ball and green tennis ball)
- Card Recognition (20 pieces: 5 traffic-sign cards, 5 shape cards, 10 number cards)
- Color Block Detection (outputs length,width and center position of the specified color block in the camera)
- Color Recognition (outputs RGB information of the specified point in the camera)

WIFI Data Transmission 
WIFI Image Transmission

Motion Gesture Detection

Proximity Detection

Ambient Light Detection

HK$ 460.00