Numbershark 5

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Product Description

Numbershark is a computer program to help anyone improve their understanding and use of numbers.

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The program teaches and reinforces numeracy using a wide variety of carefully designed games. There are over 600 topics to choose from.

1 minute introduction to Numbershark 5

  • The topics address each of the number operations + - x ÷ plus fractions, decimals and simple percentages, in very gradual steps. A section of graded word problems is included.
  • The topics are quick to access and clear examples are given on screen. Numbershark gives a fresh set of ‘sums’ each time a topic is selected.
  • Recommended games are given for every topic.
  • There is a fully graded course supporting the 2014 National Curriculum England, for numeracy KS1 and KS2.
  • The wide variety of games and options give many ways to practise the same work and to promote both the understanding and the memorising of number facts, whilst maintaining interest. 
  • The games are excellent for use on an interactive whiteboard and children enjoy playing the games on the big screen. An on-screen keypad is provided with the program.
  • The program has training videos, a printed manual and a full  pdf manual, with advice on use of the program. There is on-screen help for every game as well as pop-up teaching notes.

The network version is not suitable for Mac networks.

 1. Quick overview (1 minute)

2. How to add students (2 minutes)


3. Choosing a number topic (2 minutes)

4. Choose a game (2 minutes)

5. Track progress (2.5 minutes)

6. Set works (2.5 minutes)

License Type (Windows and Mac. Network version not available for Mac) - one-off payment
HK$ 1,430.00

Single user on USB