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Product Description


This is a push-to-make switch fitted with a red LED to give a visual indication of the switches state. A pair of these switches can be used to test students' reaction times. One switch can be used for manual marking of events during data logging activities.

Teaching applications:
  • Timing
  • Reaction times
  • Counter
  • As an event marker
  • As a manual trigger for recording


Download Push Button Sensor Manual  Doc No.: DS072 | Issue: 3 


  • LED indicator shows ON
  • Connect to ports A and B for timing functions.
  • Connect to any port for event marking.





Reaction times (Biology (14-18) eBook)
Uses two push button switches and the timing function of EasySense to calculate reaction times. You can also enter the distance from stimulus to response to get speed of nerve transmission.

Reaction times (Biology (11-14) ebook)
A controlled method to measure reaction times. Lets you investigate what may influence and what may not influence reaction time.

Hit the brakes! (Biology (11-14) ebook)
A variation of simple reaction times. Creating a closer model of how reaction times, and responses to stimuli, influence stopping times in cars.

Hit the brakes (Biology (14-18) eBook)
Extension of reaction times, uses a foot operated second switch to simulate driving a car. Use the simulation to show effect of distractions (e.g. using phone) on stopping distances.




Reactions (Science in Sport (11-18) eBook)
The investigation records the simple reaction time. How reaction time is related to the environment that created it is the investigation for a sport science practical. It can easily be used to demonstrate how sport science can help athletes improve performance by saving thousandths of a second at each point.

Hit the brakes! (Science in Sport (11-18) eBook)

An extension to reaction times. How does the environment affect reaction times? Does equipment or the person hold the key?




Reaction times (Science At Work (11-16) eBook)
An electronic reaction timer.

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